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Thermal control devices

We work a lot with thermal control devices and we offer here our surplus equipment, such as controllers, relays, thermocouple wires, etc.  Equipment is new unless otherwise stated.

Fuji Electric PXR3 Temperature Controller (New)

Type: PXR3-RCY1-4VOA1
Items are BRAND NEW.  They are now packed with more features and options than before, and the price offered here is unbeatable! 
With auto-tuning and fuzzy control, Fuji PXR controllers now come with self-tuning - a major innovation in the control field. Self-tuning automatically re-tunes the controller under certain conditions, without the need to revert to auto-tuning. 
Also - the Fuji PXR controller's standard 8-segment ramp/soak feature has been expanded to include two patterns that can be linked to create a 16-step profile. 
This Fuji PXR controller accepts temperature (various types of thermocouples, PT100, etc) and process inputs plus offers a choice of three kinds of outputs.  Single or dual outputs include SSR driver, relay, or 4-20mA. 
Temperature can be set in °C or Fahrenheit;
These Fuji PXR controllers have a large LED display. The faceplate which is designed for NEMA 4X (IP66 equivalent) is watertight and corrosion-resistant. The 3-button keypad allows for programming similar to the popular Fuji PXW controller. The screw-terminal on the back reduces the cost by eliminating the need for sockets. Temperature units can be easily switched between °C and Fahrenheit;
Manuals can be found here:

We also offer thermocouples and solid state relays.

Euro 95.00

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1 = Euro 95.00
2 = Euro 90.00
3 = Euro 85.00
4 = Euro 80.00

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Crydom D2425 solid state relay

Crydom D2425 solid state relay.
Maximum 240 V AC and 25 A.
Input : 3-32 V DC
Regular price is about 40 € for one, here you can buy two for that price.

Euro 20.00

Discount scheme:
1 = Euro 20.00
2 = Euro 17.00
3 = Euro 15.00

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Thermocouple wire, type K, glass fibre shielding, Tmax:480°C

Cross section: 1.9 mm x 2.9 mm
Glass fibre shielding
Maximum temperature: continuous use up to 480°C, short term up to 540°C.
Good moisture and chemical resistance; fair abrasion resistance.
Produced by "York wire & cable, Inc", United States.  These are high quality thermocouple wires.

Euro 7.00

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1 = Euro 7.00
5 = Euro 6.00
10 = Euro 5.00

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Thermocouple wire, type K, FEP shielding, Tmax:205°C

Cross section: 1.9 mm x 2.9 mm
FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) shieldng
Maximum temperature: continuous use up to 205°C, short term up to 260°C
Excellent abrasion, moisture and chemical resistance
Produced by "York wire & cable, Inc", United States.  These are high quality thermocouple wires. 

Euro 5.00

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1 = Euro 5.00
5 = Euro 4.00
10 = Euro 3.50

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Thermoelectric Peltier unit (used)

Huge 'Supercool' brand Peltier unit with heatsink and fan

This is a huge, high quality Peltier unit.  All units have been used but are fully tested before shipping.
Just connect a power supply to this unit and the Aluminum top surface will start cooling. 
Brand: Supercool, Sweden
Type: DA-051-12-00-00-SN.  
Input power: recommended 12 VDC, 6 A
Cooling power: 51 Watt
Weight: 1.8 kg
Dimensions : 208 mm x 118 mm x 64 mm

General information on Peltier units of 'Supercool' can be found here.
Detailed information on this Peltier unit can be found here


Euro 120.00

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